The many colours of love,

The union with your one true love is a most exciting time. And so is picking an engagement ring that embodies that heartfelt romance. But how do you choose that something exceptional to last a lifetime while reflecting your own sense of individual style. Finding that perfect match to your bridal ring is what Image Fifth Avenue is all about.

Adding a colour diamond or gem stone brings to your ring a dimension of expression that reflects a bride’s own unique personality.  A colour that will not fade over time but will only radiate as brilliantly as the moment it was first put on and captures a sense of feeling and emotion no colourless stone can bring.

From the plush deep blue of a fine sapphire to a cool hue of a prime mint stavorite to a vibrant blaze of pink amethyst or the soft splash of a rare rose diamond, your distinct colour awaits you.

With over fifty years of insight designing captivating fine jewellery, clients of Joseph (Joe as he likes to be called) place their trust within him, allowing to help them transform their most esteemed wants and desires and match them with that exclusive ring, created just for them. Bringing joy and delight every time glanced upon and to be cherished always…

Which colour do YOU love?
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